United Airlines Fail

united airlines fail

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United Airlines Sucks – Big Time!

United Airlines is a classic example of a company that uses its wall of customer service representatives to protect itself from doing the right thing. You can always count on big companies like this to have its customer service representatives tell whatever will make you happy, only to call back and talk to a different rep who will know nothing about what the first customer service representative promised you.

My favorite line from the terrible United Airlines customer service was “I’m sorry but that representative didn’t have the authority to do that for you so there’s nothing we can do”.

Here’s my question to United Airlines: If a customer service representative didn’t have the authority to promise us something, why did YOU let them tell us that, and why are you not held responsible for their actions?

On top of all the trouble they caused us, they wouldn’t even give us one of those terribly thin airline blankets to cover my children on the plane since they had to travel for 16 straight hours on 3 different flights and needed to sleep.

I just can’t believe how much it costs to fly these days and how little you get from it. The seats are getting smaller, the flight attendants are not helpful or kind, and airlines like United Airlines can just change your entire flight at the last second without any consequences. Where I come from if a business doesn’t deliver what you paid for, they don’t deserve to get paid.

Needless to say I strongly regret flying with United Airlines. On top of all the lies and horrible scheduling, almost every single flight attendant was rude to us for no reason. It’s like they know how bad United Airlines sucks and they hate working for them – it shows.

Update:After filling out a “tell us about your experience” form, I received and email with this paragraph in it: “…For post-travel and all other inquiries, we are currently experiencing an increased volume due to our peak travel season. As a result, it will take us longer than normal to respond to you.

Here’s what that paragraph should say: “…For post-travel and all other inquiries, we are currently experiencing an increased volume due to how bad we suck and how little we care. As a result of our poor integrity, and because we just don’t care about our customers and how much money they are sacrificing to fly with us, it will take us longer than normal to respond to you, but we will most likely not respond at all and if we do we’re not going to do anything to make you happy. You might as well give up.


This might as well be their logo.

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